Uniform Policy




There are many positives from having a school uniform including: 

  • Taking pride in appearance 
  • Increasing confidence 
  • Creating a sense of belonging 
  • Fostering equality by having dress standards common to all students 
  • Developing respect including self-respect 
  • Developing pride in representing the school 



The College’s Uniform Policy operates within the guidelines determined by the College.  The College’s expectation is that all students wear the uniform applicable to their gender and year group.  The uniform has been specifically developed to represent the College, as well as to be the most comfortable uniform while retaining a style that befits the reputable status of the College.   


When a child is temporarily unable to wear the prescribed College uniform, or a portion of it, parents must please send a note to school with their child explaining the exceptional circumstances surrounding the temporary inability to wear the College uniform, including the date their child will be able to attend with full uniform.   


The College’s Uniform will only be available through the designated supplier – One World Uniforms.    





  • School jacket with logo / Leaver’s Jacket for Year 12 only 
  • Light blue business shirt (short / long sleeve) with logo (tucked in) 
  • Grey dress pants
  • Black shoes 
  • Strictly no radical haircuts (hair length should be uniform level)
  • Hair must be one length with no patterns or lines (no longer than 10cm)


  • School jacket with logo / Leaver’s Jacket for Year 12 only 
  • Striped school tunic / dress with logo (ankle length) 
  • Light blue long sleeved blouse with logo (for under tunic / dress)
  • Blue School scarf with light blue under cap 
  • Plain white or black socks (must cover ankles) 
  • Black shoes 
  • Strictly no make-up, nail extensions, nail polish, nose rings or jewelry. 

    Breach Procedure 
  • Students will be asked to take off and hand overany incorrect items such as jackets, hats, jewelry, etc. which can be collected by the student at the end of the day, however, the school takes no responsibility for such items if loss should occur. 
  • Parents / guardians will be contacted to collect students who are wearing incorrect / inappropriate clothing such as tights or incorrect shoes, without a valid excuse.  Students who are unable to be collected by parents / guardians will be in-school suspension and will not be allowed to return to school until they have the correct uniform. 

Reminder – Parents must inform the student’s Year Coordinator or member of school management team if they have valid reasons for the student not having the correct uniform.  Please note that haircuts fall under the Uniform Policy.  Coordinators reserve the right to check student haircuts underneath caps.  If no arrangements are communicated prior, students will be sent home and indefinitely suspended until uniform has been rectified.